University Furniture for Learning-centered Approaches

Our years of experience on campus have led to insightful university furniture that supports today's active, learning-centered approaches, whether collaborative, social or co-curricular. We're at the forefront of new ways to design and deliver responsive educational space - space innovations that complement today's current educational concepts and university furniture that supports the learning environments of the future.

Versatile, Sustainable and Tech-savvy Furniture for Universities

We create university furnishings suited for fluid environments that support a variety of interactive and engaging activities - from teaming, projects, presentations and discussions to individual research and reflection, and yes, even lecturing. Many of the products in our university furniture portfolio offer options that create versatility - classroom tables and chairs with casters, lecture hall seating with a 360-degree seat rotation, movable walls and occasional tables with markerboard surfaces, training tables with integrated technology and more. We can help you design campus and learning spaces that reflect the growing importance of innovation, collaboration and creativity as found in professional environments. 

Most KI products for universities are GreenGuard-certified or GreenGuard-certified for Children & Schools. And this focus on sustainability does not impact the durability or comfort of KI furniture solutions. Our university furniture is meant to withstand many years of rigorous use by the student body. And with features such as articulating chair backs, rolled-edge seat fronts and larger tablet arms, our campus furniture is ergonomic and comfortable, which is critical to maintaining student focus and attention. 

We also understand the importance of integrating technology into spaces across campus. KI offers university furniture with a variety of integrated technology, including power and data ports in lecture hall tables or offering a Laptop Garage option, or integrating emerging technologies such as eCoupled wireless power. 

From cyberspace to physical space, we understand the needs of higher learning. We can provide university furniture for classrooms, computer labs, auditoriums and lecture halls, libraries and media centers, administration, lounges, cafeterias and residence halls. All designed to meet the versatility, sustainable and technological needs of students, faculty and staff.


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