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  • Submitting an Order

    Submitting an Order Step 1 Review KI’s Purchase Order Requirements. Step 2 Cover Sheets: Two types of purchase order cover sheets are available for your use, depending on the type of order (Quick Ship Program or non-Quick

  • Products by Name

    Products by Name Already know the name of the KI furniture you’re interested in? Simply click on the appropriate letter to quickly find the listing. Our complete offering of contract furniture is listed here, including movable walls, tables,

  • Build a Model Number

    Build a Model Number STEP 1 Determine which product(s) you would like to order. STEP 2 Locate each item within the KI Price Lists   A. Once

  • Order History Detail

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  • How to Buy

    How to Buy At KI, we’re here to guide you through the contract furniture procurement process and to make your buying experience simple. Regardless of a project’s size or budget, we believe in listening to your needs