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    CafeWay Cafeteria Tables

    Built to withstand the rigors of school cafeterias, CaféWay provides superior durability with safe and easy egress.  Compact.  Mobile.  Versatile. 

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    Plaza Stack Chair

    Clean and contemporary, Plaza offers a streamlined, simplified design. This lightweight stack chair features a curved shell for comfort and is both durable and versatile for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

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    Maestro Stack Chair

    The Maestro® stack chair was made for areas that require high-density, movable seating. These versatile chairs can be set up, rearranged, stacked, moved and stored for nearly any application.

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    Pilot Task Chair

    The Pilot(r) task chair is generously sized seating that is durable, comfortable and attractive. It's ideal for large individuals or those in occupations requiring tool belts, gun belts, or walkie talkies.

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    Activ8 Electrical System

    Activ8 is a UL 962 recognized component that allows up to eight duplex power modules to be connected to one standard 15-amp power cord.

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    Affina Recliners

    Bridging visual continuity from the lobby and waiting room into the patient room, Affina recliners offer a supportive and intuitive solution for patient care.

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    Barron Table

    The Barron® table has a classic design that never goes out of style. Its simple contemporary lines make it appropriate for any setting and its expansive product offering allows for customization of design and function.

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    Jubi Guest Chair

    Jubi is a simple, practical, bucket-style chair that envelops users in comfort.

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    Neena Bench

    Neena's™ understated elegance achieves more with less. From the executive office to reception and waiting areas, Neena lobby benches give you the opportunity to complete or accent your design.

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    Affina Multiple Seating

    Affina multiple seating offers an elegant statement from the first impressions of a waiting room and all throughout the functional spaces of a facility.