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    LaResta Day Bed

    The LaResta® day bed is the solution to the heightened demand for guest sleepover accommodations in patient rooms.

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    Pirouette Table

    Designed by Giancarlo Piretti, the Pirouette™ Table is aspace-saving solution with universal appeal.

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    Connection Zone Privacy Booth

    Connection Zone Privacy Booths tune out distractions.Each Privacy Booth creates a personal space for those seeking privacy in open andcollaborative environments. Retreat into a privacy bo...

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    Smart Lift Table

    KI's Smart Lift™ training table is an intuitive and secure response to managing flat screen monitors within learning or teaming environments. With a simple push, Smart Lift transforms from a flat, multipurpose training table surface to an interactive multimedia tool.

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    Genesis Adjustable Desking System

    Genesis® desking is like no other desking solution on the market because of its flexibility, quality and affordability. Genesis lets you adjust your desk height as easily as you raise or lower your chair.

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    True Desking System

    True® desks are a true combination of power and productivity. This innovative desking system seamlessly fuses contemporary and classic styles.

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    WorkZone Desking System

    The WorkZone® desking system adjusts to your workspace by creating either private or collaborative spaces. Wired with five levels of power access, WorkZone offers many options for efficiency and productivity.

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    DataLink Table System

    DataLink tables are a smart choice for learning environments of any type. DataLink tables deliver powerful training in a beautifully designed system.

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    Mesa Lounge Seating

    The Mesa™ lounge seating collection can take a room and blend your entire color scheme with its contrasting upholstery opportunities. Its sophisticated take on comfort invites guests to relax in high style.

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    Affina Lounge Seating

    Created by renowned designers Paul James and Dan Cramer, Affina is an elegant and sophisticated comprehensive healthcare collection that allows for visual continuity from the lobby to the patient room.